Thursday, July 15, 2010

king and country

It’s been an interesting week:

- Our haze machine managed to set off the theatre's fire alarm twice and the effect has been struck from the show (our sincere and heartfelt apologies to the FDNY - we know you have much, much more important things to do than respond to false alarms and we love all that you do);

- Our leading lady is now gamely leading the charge of the Lancasters against the Yorks with a torn meniscus; and

- Cast/crew members of a certain television program that runs on a certain comedy channel purchased 7 tickets to our show last night under the guise of being regular theatre patrons. Ten minutes into the first act – with no concern or consideration for the quality of our production or the performers’ safety – proceeded to stand up in the audience, pull out a gigantic (fake) cell phone and yell over the action on stage while a second audience member pulled out a gigantic (real) camera from their bag to film it all, without any permission from us.  According to our artistic director, "The actors took it upon themselves to escort both from the theatre, leaving the remaining five in the theatre. In hopes that we would not further disrupt the performance we did not try to seek them out in the dark...It was reported by other members of the audience that the remaining crew continued to film each other mocking the show, feigning sleep, etc., distracting our audience and disturbing our actors." One by one, the remaining five filtered out of the house during the first act, each promising that the next person would explain what the disruption was all about. (Don’t worry, punk show, you can explain it to at least two different unions, both of which I can guarantee will see nothing amusing in your prank at all.)

The glory of live theatre: it is never twice the same.

If you’d like a part of the action, you have two weeks left to see our mounting of Henry VI (Part III), "something of an event for theatre history buffs and Bardophiles," says Martin Denton of Tickets and information are available here.*

* Please unwrap your annoying candy and shut off your cell phones, regardless of size, before curtain.  Photography is strictly prohibited.  Thank you.

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