Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Digi-show: A night of digi-shorts by Duane Ferguson, 5/19 @ 8pm ($5)

Duane Chivon Ferguson is an actor, writer, director, producer, editor, shooter, singer and poet. He was born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. He first developed his creativity performing in plays at his alma mater, Herbert H. Lehman College of the City University of New York. He also performed on various stages in New York and did repertory work with The Positive Youth Troupe and The Citykids Foundation. On camera, Duane has hosted various episodes of magazine shows and has appeared in numerous independent shorts. He is currently a member of Wide Eyed Productions in NYC. His life is all about the chase....whether it be after the dream, the fantastic, or the joy of being surrounded by his friends and family. He dedicates all of his efforts to his lovely daughter, Soul.

"Even the Score" (2006) 
Starring Richard LaRochelle, Leslie Shim, Chris Cole, Skid Maher and Nedra McClyde 
What would you do if your partner is unfaithful? Would you forgive and forget ... or would you move on? What if your partner offers you the opportunity to sleep with someone else to "make up" for their infidelity? "Even the Score" tells the story of a young couple that is face with that very scenario and the choices that ultimately seal the fate of the relationship. Official selection for the Los Angeles DV Film Festival, The Brooklyn IndieHouse and The New York Short Film Festival. 

"El Día de Las Flores" (2011) 
Starring Amaurys Rodriguez and Jessica Courtemanche 
A poem about love and getting over it. Official selection for the CortoCircuito Short Film Festival. 

"For The Leaping Tongues of Fire Womyn" (2011) 
Starring Carmen Mojica and Amuarys Rodriguez 
This poem, written by Carmen Mojica, explores the threshold where womynhood is tested to it's absolute limit. This video is a co-production between These Waters Run Deep and BabaSoul, Ent? 

"I Am: Keep Your Hood Up" (2012) 
A short video piece made in response to all the acts of profiling that have lead to the untimely deaths of any and all members of the global race. Dedicated to Trayvon Martin.

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