Thursday, May 1, 2014

Join us for Wide Eyed Trivia Night this Sunday, May 4 @ 7pm!

Come one, come all, to the Wide Eyed Trivia Night! Grab a drink, join your friends (or make some new ones) and flex those mental muscles on Sunday, May 4th, beginning at 7pm!

140 East 27th Street

$10 at the door
($9 if you bring your program from Wide Eyed's “Wink”” of PRIDE this past April)

Teams must be between 2-5 people - Bring your own team or join one there!

Your entry fees directly support Wide Eyed Productions as we prepare to mount our next full production in Fall 2014.

* Five rounds of ten questions + a bonus round;
* You may NOT use your electronic device to find an answer, as that is cheating, and cheating is wrong;
* Winning team gets their entrance fee back + a round of drinks!

Come out and play with us. Really, what else are you going to do Sunday night?
(Answer: Nothing you can’t TiVo.)

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