Thursday, October 2, 2014

DEAD SPECIAL sketch: How to Intercourse Someone with Kathy and Walter without Kathy

We're deep in the throes of the rehearsal process for DEAD SPECIAL CRABS, and we know a lot of you are wondering..."What are they *building* in there?"  So here's a teaser sketch written by DSC playwright Daniel Ajl Kitrosser, directed by DSC director Kristin Skye Hoffmann (shout-out to our epic DP Justin Liebergen), and featuring wide-eyed cast member Andrew Harriss as Walter. 

We'll be dropping a few more of these gems between now and our first preview date in November. Love it? Share it! And please donate to our indiegogo campaign (check out that campaign progress sidebar to your right). No amount of love given is too small. Walter has that on good authority.

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