Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KEEP: The Reviews

"Besides having a flawless script, Keep also offers a high-quality performance by all four of the actors in the cast. Kim Krane’s performance as Naomi, whose pureness and sincerity in her acting drags the audience into her world from her first moments on stage; and Jenna D’Angelo who has a naturally likable vibe and a subtle but genius comedic timing." - quicktheatre

"Keep reminds theatergoers that the affinity shared between sisters can be powerful and ephemeral." - offoffonline

"Eye-opening, mysterious, and emotionalKeep brings one family’s deepest secrets to the surface...on a journey through a (literally) cluttered past." - theaterscene.net

"...a dynamic tour de force...On a profound level Pazniokas' work is about self-definition, identity and escape from pain." - Theater Pizzazz

"...it is hard to find a portrayal of hoarding that is nuanced, sensitive without being sensationalized.Keep explores hoarding from a larger, more complex emotional context, and, while it does not fail to address the physical mess of things, it does not simply stop there." - stagebuddy.com

Keep runs at The Barrow Group Theatre through April 30. Get your tickets here.

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