Wednesday, April 21, 2010

landscape: ARKANSAS

landscape: ARKANSAS

A Photography Exhibition
In Conjunction with

landscape: ARKANSAS is the first group exhibition of its kind for Wide Eyed Productions. This public showing of landscape photography made possible with the assistance of the Arkansas Professional Photographers Association (APPA) will serve as a complimentary element to the World Premiere of the play Noah's Arkansas, April 21-May 15 at the Wings Theatre (154 Christopher Street). landscape: ARKANSAS exposes the natural beauty of the region in which Noah's Arkansas takes place, subtly suggesting elements of rural life, hardship and the power and peace of nature to transform life as we know it.


Deborah Billingsley*
Janet Galland-Hunt*
Phil Hobby*
Dylan K. Jackson
Tim Rand*
Brian Roden*
Kelly Shipp*
Kevin Taylor*

*members of APPA

THE ARKANSAS PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION (APPA) was founded in 1942 as an organization of and for professional photographers in the state of Arkansas. In its 68 years, it has inspired, trained and promoted professional photography and has brought many great talents to the state of Arkansas that otherwise might not have experienced this beautiful state. Please join the APPA for their annual convention, taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas, July 18-21, 2010.

WIDE EYED PRODUCTIONS is a New York City-based collective of artists dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in risk-taking, relevant theatre. Our core ensemble is committed to the birth of new works and also the rebirth of the classic texts. Through our collaborative process Wide Eyed discovers and creates theatre that both stimulates the imagination and awakens the public's passion for high standards in the performing arts.

You should certainly keep your eyes wide for whatever they do next. - Jack Hanley,

Photo credits:
top row: Kelly Shipp, Phil Hobby, Dylan K. Jackson
center row: Janet Galland-Hunt, Brian Roden, Tim Rand
bottom row: Kelly Shipp, Deborah Billingsley, Kelly Shipp

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