Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Review - Jerrod Bogard's Noah's Arkansas

Noah's Arkansas by Jerrod Bogard is Wide Eyed Productions first original full-length play. Jerrod is our first resident playwright and this play is four-years in development. From staged readings to the lab and back again- Noah's Arkansas is the culmination of countless hours of theatrical dedication. Just check out the amazing set designed by resident designer, Joshua David Bishop, dressed by our Props Master Billy Dutton. (at right: Home Sweet Mobile-Home, Justin Ness* and Kristin Skye Hoffmann; photo by Paul Newland)

REVIEW SNIPPET from Richmond Shepard -

"Act 2 cooks with action and conflict that grips us.
This is a high-level professional production in terms of acting, direction (by Neil Finnell), set (by Joshua David Bishop), lighting (by Ryan Metzler) and costumes (Antonia Ford-Roberts), and Bogard’s take on the life and struggles of these Arkansas people is alive with rural sturm und drang with an underlying humanity. Wide-Eyed is an ambitious company, and one of the best in New York."

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