Sunday, June 27, 2010

modern renaissance men

Was it luck or kismet that brought actors/playwrights Jerrod Bogard and Nat Cassidy together in our upcoming production of Henry VI (Part III)? We'll leave you to muse upon that while listening to the recent podcast they did for nytheatrecast, the voice of In addition to discussing their work as playwrights, they talk about Henry at length.

And speaking of Henry VI, we moved from our rehearsal space into the East 13th Street Theatre this very afternoon. At this moment, our diligent load-in crew is hanging lights and wallpapering the back wall of the theatre with a fantastic effigy of Henry V watching over the realm he left to his son. This gigantic poster will be torn down bit by bit so that by the final performance only shreds of what was the previous monach's legacy remains. It promises to be a fantastic evolving and organic statement - one worthy of multiple viewings (or as Nat Cassidy says, Come early and come often).

We are so proud of this production and hope you will enjoy it. Tickets are available here.

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