Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Support Wide Eyed's Kickstarter Campaign

10. Wide Eyed has clout in the afterlife, where your good deeds are tallied and used as currency. - Jerrod Bogard, Resident Playwright

9. It's difficult to perform a period piece in torn up All-Stars. - Billy Dutton, Co. Member

8. Because we’re like Tinkerbell, we need applause to live! (No money = No show = No clapping = Death.) - Melissa Johnson, Board Member

7. Because "Coco" landed a gig, so you should be "with Wide Eyed" now. - Billy Dutton, Co. Member

6. Wide Eyed won't investigate your citizenship. - Jake Paque, Co. Member

5. You'll be our friend forever, which gets you nowhere but still sounds very nice. - Megan Jupin, Resident Stage Manager

4. Those children in Africa have Oprah. . . .We've got you. - Andrew Harriss, Co. Member

3. So classy you can even introduce Wide Eyed to your Mom. (I did. She had a blast at the Cast Party.) - Solomon Shiv, Co. Member

2. Truth be told: we're talented, and we don't need "high tech" sets, but we're just not very good at miming the bigger things ... like doors. - Lucy McRae, Co. Member

1: Without your generosity and support, Wide Eyed Productions would disappear.

With 3 days to go in our Kickstarter campaign, we are just $935 away from hitting our target of $5,000! Every donation helps, no matter the increment. Please consider backing our project today!

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