Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The 17%

A Girl Wrote It is back for a second season but some of you might not know why we are trying so hard to get female playwrights the attention they deserve.  Let us help to fill you in.  Did you know that only 17% of playwrights being produced are women?

35% of actors, 17% of writers,
23% of directors...
52% of the population
*Credited to Sphinx Theatre 

How can this be? Isn’t theater known for pushing the limits and bridging the gaps? Well, that’s just what we’re going to do. It's an unfortunate truth that sexism still exists in the theater. We've got a huge gender imbalance to work on and there is no better way to tip the scales than to start making a difference ourselves.

A Girl Wrote It showcases the work of seven amazingly talented females who were all kind enough to tell us a little bit about themselves, their process, and inspirations.  If you haven’t already, go get acquainted with playwrights Judith Goudsmit, Bekah Brunstetter, Liz Magee, Laura Maria Censabella, Erin Singleton, Dierdre O’Connor, and Heather Lynn MacDonald.

Interesting Information:

Did you know the first female playwright is credited as being the German canoness Hrotsvitha (meaning strong voice) from the Abbey of Gandersheim around 935-1005? It’s interesting to note that her writing often featured tenacious female characters that contrasted the common portrayal of women as weak and emotional.

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