Friday, April 13, 2012

A Girl Wrote It: Carly Knight, Actor

Carly Knight is an eleven-year resident of New York City. She likes to consider herself a chanteuse and is currently working with the rock band The Dayafter, as well as performing the occasional jazz gig and in various cabarets. Carly is a new member to Wide Eyed this year, and served as the AD for the company’s production of The Trojan Women last summer. She received her dramatic training from AMDA. 
  • You’ll be performing in Liz Magee’s monologue Jeans as part of our upcoming production of A Girl Wrote It. Can you tell us some of your initial thoughts about the piece? How are rehearsals going? 
When I first read through Jeans, I thought, “Oh crap - Liz Magee can read my thoughts!”  Then I remembered not everything is about me. Liz has captured a way of expressing a thought process that I find mesmerizing. I’ve loved getting to know this character and can’t wait to share her. I’ve also had an amazing time getting on the other side of the stage with my director Kristin Skye Hoffmann. Working with her on this piece has been very eye-opening for me. (Thanks, Kristin.) 
  • When did you know that you wanted to be an actor? How did you get started? 
If you ask my parents, they might say it all began at a young age when we discovered I am terrible at every sport known to man. I sang incessantly so they needed a reason to get me out of the house. Vocal lessons seemed like the obvious choice, I suppose. Through that lifesaving voice teacher I was introduced to improvisation classes, then acting training. The training spiraled into Community Theater and it all went downhill from there. 
  • Who or what do you consider to have been your biggest creative influences to date? Why?
Once upon a time, I had an acting coach that was absolutely out of his damn mind. He took his craft seriously and had me passionate about pushing limits and trying unique things. He shaped my way of thinking about the arts. He was a hippie. I miss that crazy freedom. I would also have to say that recently my massively talented friends have been the biggest influence on me. They inspire me to keep going. We have to keep creating. Sometimes they even let me participate. 
  • Do you have a particular pre-show ritual that you engage in before curtain? If so, can you share it with us? 
Pre-show: Clonazepam — Gallon of water — Bathroom. I didn’t really plan this ritual, but it seems to keep happening anyway. I have a very hard time with memorization so my anxiety level goes to eleven. 
  • You co-hosted and performed in our “POW: Powerhouse of Women” cabaret and art show a couple of weeks back. What do you love most about vocal performance? Do you often perform around town? 
Wasn’t that fundraiser awesome? Anyone who missed it should kick themselves and never miss another Wide Eyed event again. That wasn’t the question at all. 

I love vocal performance because it’s the best emotional outlet I have. It has always come more naturally to me than anything else.  I’m not great at expressing myself as a human in general so perhaps I need to sing to keep from exploding. I feel like I perform around town every week but come to think of it, that’s because I hang out with karaoke addicts. I’m currently in a rock cover band and on occasion I’ll sing in a cabaret or show of some sort. I’m in transition of style I suppose.   
  • Are you working on any additional projects at the moment? Care to share with us? 
Yes I am. Not at this time, no.


JasonBSchmidt said...

Wonderful. Can't wait to see the show!

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Carly Knight rocks! She's gonna be so freaking awesome in this!


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her eyes are so pretty in opposed to black and white